Quality Manufacturing

Maintaining the Highest Standards

of American Worksmanship

Quality Manufacturing

Aurora is determined to maintain state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada. We have been in business since 1890, and we've never sacrificed the craftsmanship and dedication of our talented workers.

Metal caskets are manufactured at the company headquarters in Aurora, Indiana. Our engineers and craftspeople are committed to continuous innovation and improvement. Technology is continually evolving, and evaluating and implementing new processes is crucial to keeping high standards of quality. For example, our hardware technicians are equipped with special tools borrowed from the automotive industry, allowing them to guarantee the solid construction of every casket.


Our commitment to innovation is balanced by our focus on tradition. In all manufacturing industries, many hands-on practices have been automated. Aurora, however, is the only manufacturing facility in the country where skilled metalworkers still brush caskets by hand. Expert seamstresses still stitch casket interiors by hand. At our hardwood casket manufacturing facility in Piney Flats, Tennessee, two-man teams of experienced carpenters assemble each casket. Every hardwood casket is given the same attention that a woodworker would give to a piece of fine furniture--each is sanded, stained, buffed and polished by hand.